About Us


This blog is about Black Thought, Black Unity, Black Business, Black Spirituality, Black Health, and Black Soul. For over a thousand years, there has been a movement to suppress, oppress, and appropriate Black Culture in order to influence the world views and cast a negative image of Blacks to ourselves and to the world. It is a new day. Blacks will from now forth define ourselves. We will no longer be slaves to the will of unjust law enforcement systems, unfair economic structures, and negative media imagery cast forth by a society ruled by a white supremacist regime. Ancient Black cultures founded modern civilization. Melinated people founded the ancient civilizations of Kemet, now Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, Asia, the South Pacific, and beyond. We founded all the modern sciences, invented language, mathematics, medicine, metallurgy, nutrition, spirituality, and even discovered and harnessed electricity over 6,000 years ago. BlackSoul.info is dedicated to having that conversation. We are dedicated to the truth and writing our story. we are dedicated to taking back this planet, healing her from the ills imposed on her by greed and this unnaturally imbalanced society, and making those that have injured her so pay for what they’ve done.

Our thoughts are our own. Our ideas are our own. Our history, and mysteries are our own. Our Minds, bodies, and souls are our own. Our Love is our own. May the Gods and Goddesses smile on our endeavors. Follow the light for it is within you.